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End of month 1

August 3, 2008

It’s almost been a month since I came to Vancouver and so far things have gone good, slightly better than expected.

Last week, we shifted apartments to a place in downtown. The new apartment is good in terms of furnishing and being in downtown, there are plenty of things to do nearby. In the process of shifting I managed to set off a car burgular alarm on our car, by first managing to get locked in (thanks Shubham :P) and then opening and closing the driver seat door a few times till the alarm went off 😛 Witnesses saw a guy in a blue jacket (moi) running away from the scene but eventually it was all sorted out 😛

On Friday three of us made use of our B1 visa to attend this river rafting team morale event on the Skagit River. I got to meet a lot of the other devs on my team. I also ended up splashing (with the paddles/shooting using a 2 meter long water pistol) water at many of them, so will have to be careful when I go to Redmond next to meet them 😉 I also got to drive on the way back for about an hr (after a reasonable amount of persuasion :P)

On the work front, I will probably start with a second project sometime soon. So far, work has been better than I expected and despite being fresh out of college, my views are taken seriously if they have merit. Hopefully it will stay that way.

I also have started running on the treadmill as of yesterday – generally end up running/walking 1 km in 15 min at a 15 degree incline (so that’s about cos 15 = 0.95 km forward and sin 15 = 250m vertical and hence tiring). I think its much better to have one burger less than have one treadmill session more.

On the cooking front, things are better : I set of one smoke alarm again when making a curry and by the time I waved the smoke away from the detector and came back, the curry was burnt 😦 Anyway I’ve finally found a way to prevent the smoke alarms : the trick is to switch on the chimney before starting 😛

I stumbled across this today :

It’s a small page I made 3 years back at the request of an alumnus who wanted to see pics of the campus – I had totally forgotten about it and it was good to see the pics now that I myself am an alumnus.