Settling in

I tried driving last weekend on a rented car. In total I drove about 60km on the first day which is decent given that I got my DL in India only in June and this was my first try in Canada. I went around for an hour in the morning close to the house, mostly in circles getting the hang of the car. In the evening we ended up driving to Richmond with Shubham and me taking turns at the wheel. Driving is nice and convenient when the traffic moves fast but when you are stuck in traffic, it’s boring – on a bus you can at least watch a movie on your media player without worrying about what’s happening outside.

I tried cooking a few curries (A coworker disagrees with me on this “yeah right, men mix powder and chicken and then they call it cooking”. But I still call it cooking since I have to DO stuff and the ROI is pretty good :P). I also made french fries a few times and ended up setting off the smoke alarm the first time. What followed was 2 min of waving the smoke away from the detector until it went off. Phew!

Work finally has started – my manager assigned a project on Friday. I am excited to be working on this project with one of the laziest guys in the world, a title that I have at times gone by in the past (yes, it is possible to work 80 hrs/week and still hold the title. Also, Shubham Mittal, if you are reading this, please please remember to buy French Fries from Safeway on the way back from work).

Today, I went to get my air shipment cleared at the customs office and also got my B1 visa approved which means I get to go for a team morale event in Redmond (white water rafting). Not bad no? Eligble for a morale event after just one week of effective work 😀

One thing I’ve been thinking of doing is working on this startup idea on weekends but so far haven’t started (let’s just say I’m having “start-up” issues :P). Ever been in a situation where you think of an idea that could have a big impact on so many people you know but are too lazy to get up from the bed and work on it? I’ve done that one too many times at IITK, but somehow managed to get back that spark during the MSR internship and hopefully it will stay now.

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