Work – Week One

Monday morning 9 am was the reporting time. We took the new Microsoft Shuttle from downtown Vancouver to MCDC. Breakfast was served there – mostly fruits, chocolate cookies and cakes.

We then had a few talks from Par Singh and also the HR on the Vancouver centre and on working at MSFT. The next few days were spent setting up bank accounts, social insurance, aliases etc. I had (have) some issues since I had an alias change as a result of which a lot of sites still didnt open even at the end of the week. There is a good selection of soft drinks/juices like at Redmond and also some fruits. The cafe is okay but Redmond has much better variety.

Tax is a lot here – about 33% of the base gets witheld as taxes. However on the other hand, at least in my case, the expenses would be restricted to just food, transport and entertainment till April after which accomodation would also be an overhead. I came to Canada with 200$ which turned out to be slightly less that my food+transport expenses and as a result ended up borrowing $100 from Prasanna  (a.k.a. Mr Sankaranarayan, whose skateboard I shall borrow soon).

On the second day me and Shubham were sitting in the office with essentially nothing to do. Well we were supposed to fill some forms that HR gave but that was a boring job and hence deserved to be postponed till the day of the deadline. We then ended up doing the following derivation

at level n, we have n*(n+1)/2 cans
so total no of cans is sigma ((n*n + n)/2)
= 1/2 * [n*(n+1)(2n+1)/6 + n*(n+1)/2]
= 1/12 * n*(n+1) (2n+1 + 3)
= 1/6 * n * (n+1) * (n+2).
Hence, for n = 8 we have no of cans = 120. QED.

Well maybe at least I should have filled in those HR forms that day itself since I eventually forgot about it till the Friday deadline and ended up filling it on the bus to work.  The HR mildly fried me for two mistakes I made – instead of signing and dating at one place I put my sign and date of birth “So, did you know you were going to work for Microsoft from the day you were born?” . Secondly, the form was such that you fill in a detail in the line below the description and I mixed up above and below in one place and ended up with “Spouse : India”. Anyway 😛

I got in touch with my history teacher from school who happens to be at Vancouver. I’ll be going to her house on Monday for dinner – a welcome relief from microwaved food.

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