Summer 2008 – May, June.

After the endsems, I went for this one week trip to Dharamshala and Dalhousie in early May. It was a nice experience and the weather was nice and cool in comparision to the 40 degree summer at Kanpur. I subsequently returned home via Bangalore (where I got to meet a few friends from school/college).

I got home in mid-May and continued with my driving classes for 2 weeks before appearing for my driving test which I cleared. After that, I went back with parents to IITK for the convcation.

We faced some problems in the onward journey : to start with the Jet flight got delayed by over 4 hours as a result of which we missed the train (Shram Shakti) we had booked. So then I called up Kshitizg who booked tickets for the morning Shatabdi. Shatabdi was the first train that left from Delhi in the morning at 6am and is usually on time but not this time.

There was the Gujjar strike that very day and they had blocked the train tracks. So the train just stood there for over 7 hrs before it started moving. The plus was that Shatabdi has a generator and so the AC was on the whole time (and it was in fact chilly inside despite being hot outside) and also they kept giving us something to eat every now and then. There was also a plug point so I could use my laptop all along. The train finally reached Kanpur at 7:30 pm, about 7 hrs late.

Kanpur was hot and so it was good that we had gotten a confirmed VH AC room. I was feeling tired and so slept off. The next day, after breakfast I went to Hall 1 to see the situation in my room (which I had yet to vacate). Then I went to the SPO at 11 for a meeting with the chairman (which should have been held the previous day but was postponed because of the train). Then I went to meet a few profs and subsequently for the rehearsal. The rehearsal was for over 3 hours and the second half of the programme was boring. But then, the entire deptt was sitting together so it’s tough to get bored thanks to the usual antics that go on 🙂

After the rehearsal again I went back to Hall 1 with parents and we managed to pack everything. Then I remembered that I needed a gate permit for the courier company to be able to take the boxes out of campus and so drafted the letter. The next day morning I took the letter and went to the Hall office and left it there. After that I rushed through breakfast and headed to Audi for the convocation.

The convocation took about 4 hours after which we took some photos. It was nice to see all your batchmates and others going up on stage to collect their degree. After the convocation, there was the usual photo session for some time after which I headed back to the VH. I then went to the Hall Office to  collect the gate pass which hadn’t been done since the warden was out of station (now they tell me!). So I then went to the SIS office and got the letter signed directly. I then went back to Hall 1, called the courier guy who took the gate pass along with the boxes and that was the end of that.

We left for the station around midnight. The train was late by about 2 hours again and we went off to sleep after boarding at about 3:30 am. It reached Agra at about 8:30 in the morning. We went fromt the station to a hotel and checked in and relaxed for a while. Then we left at about 11 to see the Agra Fort and then had lunch. After lunch, we went to the Taj Mahal. It was beautiful and looked better in real life than in the pictures. We spend about 2 hours there before moving on to a handicrafts place for some shopping. We subsequently went back to the hotel and left for the station and caught the Bhopal Shatabdi to Delhi – took 2 hrs to cover the 200 km.

We reached Delhi at about 11:30 pm and went to the IITK Transit Guesthouse at CR Park that I had booked for the night at the VH. We woke up in the morning and had a bread + omlette made by the cooks there. At Rs 2000 per night per room it is definitely expensive but in hindsight it felt worth it.

We then headed to the airport and caught the flight back to Cochin. From there we went home and caught a night train to Mangalore to meet my sister. We were there for a two days before leaving for Coimbatore to meet my mom’s aunt with whom I had stayed with long back for 2 years (before going to Muscat). We stayed there till Sunday before coming back to Kerala.

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  1. aravind Says:

    nice blog…

    now I don’t need to ping you to ask how you’re doing 😀

    don’t worry… I will….

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