Semester 7

After spending 3 months in the US, travelling on fast cars, trains and jets, when you return to India and the car on the way to IITK, gets stopped by a cow standing in the middle of the main road, you can’t help smiling and feeling good about getting back 🙂

Well, like I said, it felt to be back 🙂 and I had a lot more enthusiasm in me than when I left. The sem was going to be a standard IITK-CS sem loaded with projects apart from the usual exams. Given that this was a critical sem career wise, I decided to do some planning for a change.

I took a Video Production course expecting it to be light thus giving me more time for placements and apping (it turned out to be time intensive mainly cos I ended up going to most classes and tried to do things a little sincerely :P). I also took a finance course (which was the eventual reason I actually sat for the finance companies).

I gave TOEFL in September and GRE in October. I didn’t really prepare that well for either of them but did reasonably ok in both. I had made this plan for the semester scheduling my preparation for core/consulting/finance company interviews along with GRE, TOEFL, SOP writing, contacting alumni etc but somehow things got postponed and in the end November got really busy.

A lot of my time that semester went on this initiative called PAS. It is basically a web based system to streamline the placement process at IITK. Since it was the first time that it was being deployed, there were quite a few minor issues but on the whole things went smoothly.

November was the busiest month of my entire stay at IITK : on one hand I had to prepare for placements while also write my statement of purpose for grad school applications and if that wasn’t enough, the 5 semester projects and endsems also came along, not to mention having to manage PAS. But somehow I managed and eventually I got placed with Lehman and Tower Research on December 1 which happened to be Day 1. I guess apart from having prepared, the one thing that did help me was having seen the placement process happening for the past 3 years which tends to remove the nervousness since you feel you know what kind. Maybe I someday will write a post on placements at IITK (and in general the IITs) – there are a few myths that one tends to hear in the media, from seniors etc that need to be cleared.

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    I personally consider this post , “Semester 7 Random Rantings”,
    rather entertaining not to mention the blog post was a great read.
    Thanks a lot-Penney

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