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Weeks 10,11,12 – Texas and wrapping up the projects

August 5, 2007

I spent a week working on the search engine, doing some optimizations and also adding a feedback mechanism so that we could compare our search engine results with that of Live/Google. I also worked on the transaction ads protocol and finalized it.

On Friday, I again headed to the airport after lunch. The flight to Dallas was via Alberquerque (incidentally the place where Microsoft began). I stayed there with my mom’s cousin who incidentally is a Director at Microsoft Dallas. I last saw him when he visited us in Muscat but that was probably over 10 years back. It so happened that his parents were also visiting at that time so I got to see them too after about 6 years. We went around to a few places in Dall including the Microsoft campus there, which at least in terms of refreshments was identical to Redmond 😉

I returned on Friday and started winding up the 2 projects I had worked on and started on a third project. The last week was a little hectic because apart from winding up the projects, I also had to pack. I somehow managed to pack whatever I could into my suitcases and stuffed the rest into Nilendu’s suitcase without him noticing 😛

We left on the 28th, a Saturday from Seattle to Chicago and from there to Delhi and then Kanpur.

The summer was easily one of the best summers I had. I got to visit a lot of places in Washington, California, Oregon, Hawaii, Michigan and Texas so am really happy with the amount of fun that I had. In terms of work, my mentor seemed happy with my work and Microsoft eventually filed 3 US patents in my name based on the three projects so on the whole I guess the summer on the whole gets a 10/10.

Hopefully I’ll get to visit Redmond again someday 🙂