Weekend 6 – Hawaii

On Friday, shortly after lunch, I left for the Airport. I actually was quite late but reached the airport 45 min before my Seattle-Honolulu flight. The other 3 guys had reached the airport an hour before me and I caught up with them at the boarding gate after grabbing a burger on the way from Burger King.

The flight took off at about 5:20 pm Seattle time. Since I had checked in late, my seat was not in the same zone as the others. I ended up sitting next to the window. The girl who sat next to me struck up a conversation which eventually led to her trying to (unsuccessfully) teach me Hawaiian – in the end all I learnt was ‘Aloha’ and ‘Muhalo’ (hi-bye and thank you). The flight reached Hawaii six hours later at 8:11 pm Hawaii time. I got to see the sunset fron the window and it was beautiful.

Once we landed, I headed to the bus terminals, caught the No 20 bus to Waikiki. Once we reached, Rishi and me checked into the Hostelling International Hostel at Waikiki. This was my first time at a HI hostel and I must say that it is really good and the people are very friendly and helpful (especially in recommending places to visit and things to do).

I slept of soon and woke up as per Seattle time which turned out to be 4 am local time in Hawaii. Then I went to the beach to watch sunrise. Needless to say, it was beautiful. Then on the way back I bought a few burgers and returned to the hostel to wake up Rishi. Then we met up with the others and proceeded to Hyatt where we got on to the bus from Roberts Hawaii.

The bus basically took us around the circumference of the island of Oahu starting from the Waikiki beach. We got to visit Diamond Head, Hanaoma Bay (the coral reef here is really beautiful and next time I go there I plan to go snorkelling), the Northern Shore (where we got to see some of the biggest waves in the Pacific) among other tour points. The northern part of the island was quite windy and it was good that I had taken my jacket.

We returned at about 5pm to Hyatt and got off. Nilendu claimed he knew a shortcut to the hostel but unfortunately it wasn’t so short and moreover, it took us through the private Sheraton beach. I went back to the room to freshen up and change after which I returned to the beach. I sat there for about 2 hours watching the sun set. It was a very relaxing experience and for some reason reminded me about the IITK campus. After that, I went back, had dinner and slept off.

The next day, again I woke up at 4 am. I went to the beach again to watch the sunset. There was this store that rented out surfboards so I went and got one and started trying to surf. It was my first time at surfing – I managed to ride two big waves in an hour which I guess is good for a start. Surfing is another thing that I would like to try out…it requires patience to paddle out to the Pacific and wait for a big wave and subsequently stand up and keep one’s balance but the thrill is well worth it 🙂

I went back to the hostel, packed up my stuff and caught a bus to the Aloha stadium. The Aloha stadium is where a big market is located where you get Hawaiian shirts, handicrafts, perfumes etc. I spent about 3-4  hours there, having lunch in between. Subsequently, I caught a bus to Pearl Harbour, where I visited the USS Arizona memorial. After that, I took a bus to the airport and caught the 9pm flight back to Seattle. The trip at $850 was a little pricey for a weekend trip but it was worth it.

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