Week 4 – Change of Residence

Work went on as usual. I got some results on the first project and began working on the 2nd project. I also issued a tablet PC from MSR, just to see how it is to use one. I decided to shift my residence and stay with the IITK guys for the rest of the internship. As a result my weekend was spent in shifting things. We had planned to go to the Olympic Park on Saturday but again, procrastination ensured we stayed at home till it was too late to go 🙂

On Sunday, I went to church in the morning and shifted all my luggage to the new place in the evening. I also bought a bicycle. It is pretty good compared to my bicycle in India (with all due respect to my old bike) – it has a really good suspension and gears. . . of course it cost about 5 times as much as my other bike.

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