Week 2 and Weekend 2 – Whitewater Rafting on the Wentachee

The weekdays went as usual, on the project. The projects are kind of confidential and so I am not supposed to write about them in detail. I slowly became familiar with all the buildings. I implemented the protocol in C#. I hadn’t coded much in C# before but it is pretty easy to pick up  and so I didn’t read any tutorial, I just started coding with the help of the Autocomplete feature.

During the week, I went to get a cellphone. Unlike India, here cellphones tend to be tied to the service provider (like the Reliance hansets). I got a Tmobile connection with about 480 minutes of talk time for $80.

On Saturday, I went with the other IITK guys, exploring Bellevue. Sunday, I went river rafting with some other US interns. It was a nice experience… 6 of us in a boat down the Wentachee river over class 3 rapids. All of of got wet but it was fun. Then there was a dare from someone on the other boat wherin a person had to stand on the edge of the boat, tilting outward, holding a  rope tied to the inside of the boat for support while the people in the boat paddled, with those on one side paddling forward and those on the other side paddling backward, causing the boat to rotate clockwise. I went for it…I didn’t fall the first two times but the third time I fell into the water. It was cold and the current was strong but I managed to get back on the boat in one piece.

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