Sem 6

Once again, it’s been a long time since I blogged. No real reason, just the inertia.
The sem was reasonably okay…looking back, it has been the heaviest sem so far but per se I won’t say it was difficult.

I had taken the usual CS courses (compilers, algorithms, AI, distibuted algorithms) and Psychology as my HSS. I really enjoyed psychology…easily one the most interesting courses I have had. The course projects in general were pretty intensive but still enjoyable. Outside acads, I wasn’t involved in too much…there was the usual senate duties till February end and the development of an internship management system (an extension of my databases project that I did 2 sems ago) that the placement office is using.

On the whole I would give this sem a 9/10 in terms of satisfaction… a lot of things surpassed expectations but at the same time there were disappointments. But I guess that’s how life is. Now, I have a summer to look forward to…an internship at Microsoft Research at Redmond, near Seattle, in Washington.

Packing up my room was something that really was a headache but in the end I managed to pack everything. Somehow during the packing I felt a bit down since except for me, almost everyone’s parents seem to be there to help them pack/plan their trip, what to take etc/see them off at Delhi…well once upon a time I wanted to be independent…I suppose this is what it means.

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