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End of Summer

July 20, 2006

Today is officially the second last day of my internship. Unofficially it is the last, since I gave my end of internship presentation today.

The past week has been a bit busy… I had conferences almost daily with my second mentor ( who is at Bell Labs, Murray Hill. My first mentor ( has been a bit tied up with another project for the past few weeks.

Yesterday I had another presentation to make to the Director of Bell Labs India here and the Research Director of the Lucent Optical Networking Group. It went pretty well and the Lucent Business Unit expressed interest in the simulator that I made. So now, there probably will be a full time employee working full time on the simulator after I leave.

After today’s presentation, the Director called me to his office. He said he was pretty happy since among the interns, mine was the only one that would be used by the Business Unit, which usually doesn’t hapen since work for the BU is critical and so is assigned to full time employee.

Anyway, he verbally gave me an intern offer for next year’s summer, so looks like I already have a pretty much confirmed offer for next year. But he suggested that I would want to try some other environment like Microsoft or some place else, which I guess is probably what I would do (not MS per se but something different) .

I was also supposed to be working on a paper, but that somehow hasn’t worked out…the deadline for the conference we were targetting is August 1st, which is a week away and we haven’t dont much work. There is another conference with an October deadline but my mentors are not that interested in it since this paper is a pretty good one so they want it at one of the big two conferenced for networking – ICNP/Infocom, that have their deadlines in May and August.

I will be leaving Bangalore on Saturday evening, by flight (incidentally my 50th time on a plane) for Delhi. I would be staying in one of the hostels (Vindy) at IITD for a day or so and then will be leaving for Kanpur by the Monday afternoon flight.

For the coming year, I will be in B-206, Hall 5. I wanted a room on the ground floor but got a 1st floor room, so now I will have to walk all the way up and will end up losing all the weight that I struggled to gain over this summer 😦 Luckily, my room is nect to the staircase I think and the B Block is close to the hostel gate, so I won’t have to walk as much as others 😛

That’s it for now. I guess the next post will most likely be from Kanpur.


July 11, 2006

It’s been a long time since I posted. The weekend after my last post, I was supposed to go parasailing but it somehow got cancelled for that weekend and so instead, we went rock climbing followed by trekking. The trekking was nice… it was up a 4000ft high mountain and I was pretty tired by the time I reached the top, but the view from the top was indeed nice.

The weekend after that, I went to Kerala, back to my hometown for a day. The following weekend I went parasailing. I had a minor accident while parasailing : the tow rope somehow came undone from the jeep, and the wind was a bit strong so it literally blew me away and I had a rough landing after descending 450 feet vertically. I twisted my ankle and hurt my neck, but was back to normal in a week.

This last weekend I went shopping and bought a lot of clothes/a pair of shoes. The coming weekend is my last one in Bangalore. I plan to go river rafting followed by trekking and hope to return in one piece.

Work is going on okay. The 802.17 simulator that I was coding is more or less over. Now I have to design a few network configurations and simulate them and see if there is any wierd behaviour. This last part was supposed to result in me writing a paper but now I don’t think there is enough time left for that.

That’s it for now.