It’s been a week since I posted. This week I didn’t work as much as I did the week before. The main reason is the laptop 🙂

Now daily my schedule on weekdays goes like this : wake up at 7, reach work by 8-8:30 am (it officially starts at 9). Then I spend an hr or so checking mail (yes, checking mail takes an hr since I have to sit and read/reply to about 20 mails). Till 12:30 I do some reading of a few papers my mentor gave me/coding of the simulator.

12:30 is when lunch starts, so I go along with the other interns to have lunch. Coincidentally, one of the interns is ex-IITK (Pushpraj Shukla of the Y1 batch, who is doing his MS/PhD at U of Texas, Austin).

We interns, generally talk over lunch about our project, colleges etc. With all due respect to the Hall 2 mess, the food they serve tastes really good, so I usually skip breakfast and have a heavy lunch (heavy means, for example 10 chapatis, paneer jalfreizi and 6 gulab jamuns today).

After lunch, I come back and chat with friends online for an hr or so. Then again it’s back to work. Official working hours are till 5:30 pm. Initially in the first week, I would run away at 5:30 but now I leave usually at 6-6:30. I go to Forum (the mall I mentioned earlier), have dinner there, go home, watch a movie on the laptop and then go to sleep.

The food I have here is awesome : the lunch is Indian food and tastes really good, and dinner I try some other cuisines (I’m starting to get tired of the American burgers and pizzas so now I’m trying Chinese Dragon Chopsoueys, Mexican Quesadillas and Lasagnas and Subway subs and so on). After I got into IITK, my mom had predicted that I wuld spend all the money I earned on food and gadgets and till date, she has been right : )

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