I finally bought the laptop. It belong to the HP nx6125 series, only difference being that I thought 512 MB RAM would be on the lower side, so I made it 1.5 GB. The laptop has got a fingerprint reader, so I’ve configured so that I can login to XP by swiping my index finger, instead of typing in a 11 letter password.

Work is going on okay. I met my first deadline three days ahead of schedule. Now if only this would happen with the IITK assignment deadlines!
The mall, (Forum) that I had talked about earlier, that was 100m from my workplace… its quite big and one of the employees told me that half if not the whole of Bangalore hangs around there on weekends. Its seriously is a nice place to go if you are hungry : There is Pizza Hut, Pizza Corner, Mc Donalds, KFC, Coffe Day, Subway and also several other fast food places that server everything from red hot Mexican to Italian to Chinese to British to Indian!
Then there are plenty of these international brands like Bose, Nike, Pepe Jeans and so on.

The only problem is that I dont have enough cash to spend now : My monthly expense account goes like this : 3K for accomodation. 3K for food (Rs 100 for a meal at Pizza Hut/McD/KFC/ the rest of the lot multiplied by 30 days). Then 40x 30 = 1.2K for transport.another 1K misc. so totally about 8K a month. Bangalore is quite expensive. At Kanpur I struggle to spend 2K a month (this includes the mess bill which is 1K).

Anyway, its time to get back to work now.

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  1. sharda Says:

    Can you please explain me how does this fingerprint reader works.I have a laptop of Processor Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.73GHz ,and memory of (RAM) 2048 MB ,Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition.I would be very happy if you could explain it.

  2. Cherian Varkey Mathew Says:

    Hi…the laptop has a tiny fingerprint scanner, so I swipe my index finger over it.
    A program (which replaces the usual windows login system) compares the scanned fingerprint with the stored fingerprint and logs in if there is a match.
    The scanner is not there on all laptops but many of the new business laptops have it.

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