Okay, so the first week of my intern is over. I’m pretty happy with this place and my project. The project is basically to take an RPR network simulator, add a GUI and later, modify the algorithms and see the results.

The deadline for the first part is June 15th, when one of my mentors in the US will use the package in a presentation. The internal deadline is 29th May, so I don’t have much time.

RPR stands for Resilient Packet Ring. It is an alternative to Ethernet and SONET for optical networks. It is a state of the art technology, which was standardized just recently, in 2004. That’s why I’m happy with this internship : since it will help me whether I go in for a job in future, or for research since I get to do both during the intern.

More interns have arrived. Now there are 8 totally : one 2nd yr from IITM, 3rd yrs, one from IITM, one from IITB, two from IITD, one PhD each from the university of Nebraska and from DAIICT. We have lunch together, so its interesting to discuss various topics that come up.

Work is offcially from 9 am to 5:30 pm but it’s quite flexible. We get free lunch and snacks here. Also there is this Mall called Forum, 200 metres from here where there is a Pizza Hut, KFC and a McDonalds, so this is a pretty nice location.

I commmute from room to work by autorikshaw. It generally costs about Rs 20. I’ve pretty much decided on buying a laptop…the configuration is decent and it is a bit expensive, but not so expensive. I plan to buy this model.

That’s it for now…I’m off to probably KFC for lunch 🙂

2 Responses to “114810664535752127”

  1. oKarthiko Says:

    hey cheri…ive only strted reading your blog recently (bout a month ago maybe) and it definitely makes for an interesting read.
    Congratulations on the internship and like you said you’re hitting two nodes(R&D + work expr) with one packet (sad? well i tried…)

    An aside
    This is probably an old question…but how many gals are there at iitk anyway, doesnt seem like a whole lot…:D

    ive even recomended this blog to a few friends if you dont mind…so dont be startled at comments from totally new ppl (im sure theyll introduce themselves)

  2. Cherian Varkey Mathew Says:

    Hi Karthik,

    yeah the joke was sad, as expected (expectations based on your past record :P)
    There are about 30 girls in my batch of 480, so yeah, not a whole lot.
    Yeah, youre friends are welcome to comment.

    Btw, I don’t suppose you blog?

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