Today was my first day at work. It was nice. I had a bit of trouble finding the office building but after that things were okay.

The workplace is like in most big companies : a big hall with cubicles. each cubicle has place for 4 people. My seat coincidentally happens to be nearest to the tea room. I reached here at 9 am. I was shown my cubicle. Then, I got my email id/login : cmathew [at] lucent.com

Internet access is through a proxy. All email sites are blocked. Orkut isn’t. I am able to sign in to YM and Gtalk. The computer that I’ve been assigned is pretty fast : a Dell OptiPlex P-IV running at 3 GHz.

There are four other interns : two from IITM, one from IITB (all BTechs) and a PhD from an IIIT whom I haven’t met. Their names are Harsha Vardhan, Bandi Chaitanya and Rajasekhar Reddy (all guys).

I didn’t do any work till noon (barring orkutting, drinking tea and chocolate milk, both with extra sugar). The tea reminded me about my first internship at the IITC, Muscat.

The director and the others were all at a meeting which went on from the time I came until lunchtime and so, I didn’t get to know my project until after lunch. Anyway, I’ve been asked to choose from one of 3 projects : developing a soft router (it is a pretty big project with lots of people working on it) then there is something on optical networks and one on virtual storage for mobiles. I probably would like to go for the soft router project.

I drank 6 cups of tea and 4 cups of chocolate milk today at the office. Now I have to go back to the guesthouse, take my stuff and move it to my accommodation.

Dad has agreed to let me buy a laptop. initially he didn’t agree but now he has. But now I myself am wondering if I really need one.

Office hours are officially from 9am to 6pm but one of the employees said that things are very flexible and one was expected to be here mainly from 10am-4pm because that’s when all the meetings are held. He also said that if you knew that there would be no meetings, you could walk in at 11 and go at 8 or whenever your work got over.

That’s it for today…I’m going home. Ciao.

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