I spent the past five days in Kerala.
It involved quite a few long drives, just me and Dad in a car, talking. Dad, Mom and grandparents are all facing the usual small problems here and there… the small problems that always happen with people, but while I’m at IITK, I just dont notice that they are there. More specifically, problems like sister’s admissions, selling and buying of land and so on, problems that I tend not to notice while I’m at IITK.

There was a point during the last sem, when I felt that I was finally ready for ‘life’ but after the last few days, I guess I’ll do resonably well in life as far as job life and personal relations go, but when it comes to other things, there is a lot I don’t know yet.

Anyhow, I guess a change is always a good thing since it gives you a different perspective of life : while at IITK one tends to think that if one studies well/gets a good job/earns money/publishes n papers and gets along with people, that would be a successful life, but then again perhaps it isn’t. Hmm. I get the feeling that this post is sounding vague so I should shift topics.

I left Kerala on Saturday morning. My cousins from the US also happened to be flying in to Cochin on the same morning, so I couldn’t meet them. Then I went to Coimbatore to meet my Mom’s aunt and uncle, with whom I had lived for two years when I was a kid. We went to this restaurant thats holds the world record for the longest dosa made. I ordered this dosa that they called ‘The Family Roast’. It was 6 feel long… and of course, filling!

Then from there I came to Bangalore. One of my classmates from IITK had already started his intern at Motorola here. He came to pick me up at the station. Then we found my temporary accomondation (a company guesthouse). We left my luggage there and went to have lunch at Pizza Hut. On the way we say a McDonalds and changed directions and went to McDonalds instead.

Then we went to see my accomodation. It’s about two kilometres from my workplace. Its pretty decent… TV, washing machine, hot water, breakfast, lunch for Rs 3050 a month. Then I came back to the guesthouse. It turns out that there was a Sify place just next to it, so I came here to check mail. Tomorrow is my first day of work. Lets see how it goes.

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