Well lots of things to write about.
I’m presently in my hometown, Tiruvalla, Kerala. I reached here on 6th night, am staying with parents, aunt in a house that has 6 mobiles and a landline but no internet or comp and so, have to walk to a cybercafe to check mail.

I’m trying out this idea : I left myself logged on to googletalk on my comp in my room in IITK (my roomie will be using the comp so anyway it will be switched on 24×7). So now when I com to a cafe, I log on to Gmail and chat via the web interface. I also check the chat logs to see messages I got while I was “offline”. So far its worked quite well.

I came here by train…It was a 54 hour journey so I slept for 2 nights on the train. So now it’s nice to sleep on a bed that doesn’t “rock”. The train journey was uneventful…spent my time listening to music/took a few pics with my cam/played with a friend’s laptop/drank about 20 cups of tea in the 54 hrs (its not my fault…that tea guy kept coming and the tea was tasty!!) . There was this tiny little girl who sat next to me for a lot of the journey…and she kept eyeing my Miranda whenever I was drinking it! I thought of giving it but unfortunately her mom caught her staring at my Miranda and so scolded her 😦

Less that 24 hrs before I left Kanpur I got an intern offer from Bell Labs Blore which I accepted. So I had to partly vacate my room (and bribed my roomie to handle the rest of the vacating). Till Wednesday, I was struggling to get a stay permit. Then I ended up getting two stay permits, so I had to cancel both of them.

I reached here at about 7 pm on 6th. I gave Mom her gift, she was happy and also surprised, just like that other person whom I gave the other gift to. Mom bought a new camera, so I’m “borrowing” it … its got a lot of good features…30x zoom, a swivelling lens, a bigger screen and so on.

I’ll probably leave from here on 13th, reach Blore on 14th night and work starts on 15th. That’s it for now.

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