Yesterday night was interesting : My exams got over so I decided to go to Rave with a friend….so the two of us decided to go to Rave by car… on the way there, the car suddenly stopped…out of petrol.

So my friend took a bottle and started walking to the petrol pump (which luckily happened to be about 100 meters away). He came back with a liter of what he thought was petrol and filled the car. But the car still wouldn’t start. So we began pushing the car till the petrol pump. Whew! We filled petrol and the car was starting properly. That’s when he realized that he had earlier filled diesel and not petrol!

Anyway.. we reached rave and went for the McD-Dominoes combo… we were both full so decided not to go to Barista for dessert. Then I decided to go to Pantaloons to buy something. The birthday of one of my friends is coming up so I bought a gift..then I bought a set of diamond earrings for my Mom. Whew… that is probably the most expensive purchase I’ve made since coming to Kanpur. Mom, as far as I recall, doesn’t have any diamond jewelry and so I hope she likes it. While at pantaloons, I also happened to meet one of my departmental classmates with his parents.

Then I returned back to the hostel. So another 2.5 days left in Kanpur. I still haven’t gotten a stay permit. Still havent made a definite decision on what my major project would be.

Tonight we have another senate meeting. One of the other senators described his first senate meeting like this “all we did was fight and get bitten by mosquitoes all the time” … interesting comment… yeah, I guess we just kept arguing and arguing…but that is to be expected…since decisions are made/stances taken, not by a voting process, but by discussing till there is a consensus. But this sometimes really prolongs things so in the end sometimes, there may be a voting process in the end.

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