I had two end semester exams yesterday. TA was as usual , not good.
Databases was interesting though…it didn’t go that well but the paper was different from most of the other exams that I had given :

I crammed whatever was taught into class and went for the DB exam. But hardly anything they asked was directly from whaty was taught…which is why it was interesting… the first question was a surprise : they gave us some typical situations where there is information exchange and we had to decide the technologies to be used at the client and server ends. As such, nothing much regarding this had been taught, so it was just making your own choice and justifying it.

There were a few questions that were standard and again a new question where we had to design a protocol. Off hand, I don’t remember being asked a design question in any endsem, except perhaps once in a data structures midsem (though that was more of problem solving rather than design).

Anyway…now I have a 2 day gap until my next exam on Thursday, then another on Friday and the last one on Monday. I will be going home on 4th and returning to IITK on 15th, tentatively.

That’s it for now…I’m off ot have breakfast.

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