Well we had our gymkhana elections last week. I stood for the post of senator and was elected. Elections this time (in my opinion, w.r.t. the election of the executives) didn’t involve as much politics as last time.

This weekend, we have our hostel (HEC) elections. The manifestoes of the candidates make interesting reading. Then, my group’s TA201 projects are nearing completion. Exams start from 21st April. I haven’t studied for the past 2 weeks because of various reasons, so hope to start sometime soon. The Hall-Days of some of the hostels are scheduled to take place over the next three days…so I am spared from eating the mess food, which has started deteriorating again.

Acads this sem has been mixed…I think I would get A’s in 2 courses. The rest…lets see. So far, this semester has been quite good on the whole (non-academically) …I just hope it ends on a high.

That’s it for now.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the advice you’ve always been giving to me 🙂 .

    Plz start studying too!!!

    Good Luck.

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