Almost a month has passed since I last posted. I have never had any problems with mood swings but over the past month I’ve kept on having mood swings…feeling really low when I go to sleep at night, waking up feeling a litle but low in the morning and then feeling normal once a few classes are over and again feeling low at night. Anyway two of the reasons that might caused the moodswings are no longer there so hopefully things will get back to normal now.

Midsems were so so. TA was not good. CS220 was ok-good. I havent gotten the CS201 and ENG122 papers yet and I gave my CS315 midsem on Thursday.

We had our Hall Day on 17th Feb. Me and some others tried to stream the video of the function live over the LAN. It took two days of setting up and testing. Initially we had serious load problems and some of the secondary servers kept dropping the connection with the primary server but things stabilised after the first half hour (in which we kept tweaking the network structure).

Next weekend is Techkriti, I guess I’ll have my hands full with the Software Corner Events. This week, we will begin working on our Manufacuring processes course projects.., my group is making a forging machine and a rocking chair which can also revolve.

Presently I’m reading a 50 page handout for my Linguistics quiz tomorrow. I enjoy the linguistics course but its a bit unstructured and we keep flying off on tangents, but apart from this, its a nice enjoyable course.

I guess that’s about it for now.

2 Responses to “114010617002503162”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t stop now- keep writing. People like me have nothing else to read at this time of the morning.

    [One guess, guess who?]

  2. Cherian Varkey Mathew Says:

    well I posted something. I have no idea who you are. But hmm… you want me to guess so here is my guess : WB–>

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