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January 23, 2006

Well to those of you who saw the post I had made before susequently deleting it, everythng’s okay now…well not everything, but most things.

Midsems are coming up. I’m not that prepared. I’ll only have 4 midsems since my database midsem has been postponed (since we missed a lot of classes). Life is going on okay presently.

I’m again getting the same feeling that I got in last sem…the feeling that I am unnecessarily being involved in too many activities. Tomorrow there is a meeting regarding the SPO Automation, then there is some code testnig and debugging for one of the Software corner events an so on, all before the midsem.

My sleeping patterns have again gone into the 11:30 to 7 slot. I’m trying to shift back to 10-5:30. Don’t know why…I just feel I perform better when I wake up early.

After midsems, the next time consuming thing will be one schol application (for which I have to write a 1000 word essay and a few other 300 word essays along with it). Don’t know when I’m going to get time to proofread it etc.

Changing topics, my (maternal) grandfather is having health problems. Mom flew back to Kerala from Muscat today. I request you to include him in your prayers.


January 9, 2006

I’m two weeks into the new semester. As far as I know, I don’t have any quizzes this semester which means less tension, compared to those in Electrical who have some 50 quizzes this semester (4 a week).

Courses are nice in general. The TA 201 instructor handled his PR (public relations) very well in the first few lectures and so attendance is high and I’m finding it interesting. The labs are not as tiring as I’d expected. Last lab we had a minor accident when the induction furnace blew, sending liquid metal flying into the air. Luckily noone was hurt.

Then there was a fight over chocolates 😉 … 4 guys were trying o divide a small piece of chocolate equally and after 5 min of dividing and partitioning, one of them got frustrated and gobbled up the whole thing 😀

I’ve taken 3 departmental courses this sem : Databases, Comp Organization and Discrete Maths and find all of them interesting. My HSS is Linguistics. I enjoy the class discussions but well the thing is I don’t know what to study for the exams.

I typically have 3 hrs of classes daily, from 8-9 and 2-4 and a lab now and then from 10 am so have a lot of free time.

So to sum up, as of now I’m enjoying the semester.