Yesterday I went boating…on the coastguard’s boat!!!

My cousins arrived on the 22nd and yesterday, we decided to go boating.
We woke up early in the morning (5:30 am)…actually I had to be woken up. We drove to the dock. My Mom works in the Police Hospital so she knew people working with the coastguard and so was able to arrange everything.

We left the docks at about 7:30 am. The boat was pretty big and had a radar and a sonar (which apparently could be used to catch fish). It was powered by two motors @ 5000 rpm.

We kept going on and on until we finally came to an enclosed area where there was noone else. Basically it was a place surrounded by mountains with a small beach.

We dropped anchor there. It was very quiet there. The water was so clear that we could see the bottom of the ocean. We then had our breakfast there and then went swimmming. In the process of swimming, I ended up drinking a bit of water :p

We also dived for shells and other stuff. I also got to examine the boat propellor… it wasnt as sharp as I’d expected.

Finally I decided to stop swimming and got back on the boat. Then I lay in the sun for about half an hr. It felt really nice… having the sun shine down on you.

We left that place at about 11am. On the way back I got to STEER THE BOAT. (So far in my life I’ve driven bicycles and big boats but not a car :p )

The boat steering mechanism was a bit different from those in cars…cars use the friction between the tyres and road. But for this boat, turning the steering wheel caused the two motors to physically change their orientation (they rotated a bit clockwise/anti clickwise), so they made water flow at an angle to the direction the boat was pointing in.

This was when the boat is moving at high speeds. Once we reach the harbour, we used a different technique… supose we want to turn right, we put the left motor on forward and the right motor on reverse, so they made water flow in opposite directions thus causing a torque which turned the boat… the other method for low speeds is a bit crude and so would make it difficult to control the boat.

Anyway we got back on shore and drove back. The trip had tired us out somewhat and so we postponed the plans of going on the rollercoasters etc at the amuesement park.

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