Okay, one week into the hols.
What have I done? Not much.

I’ve spent most of my time in my room, on my bed. There is a computer next to it and a fridge on the other side. The computer has an ADSL connection and the speed is great…half the speed at IITK. Chuck in a Philips SBC HP 800 headphone too.(the most decent headphone I have with soft cushions, so you can leave it on for hours without any kind of pain which would be there with other head/earphones). So the setup is just perfect !!

So what do I do on the computer? Watch movies, browse, email, do a depth first search on orkut. Probably the only constructive activity I’m doing is guiding (well they pick up fast so not much guiding to do) some first years in a few small PHP based project.

In between I go to school to meet friends. School has really changed since the time when I was there. The library is as different as can be from the IITK lib (i’ve gone to the IITK lib only thrice since coming to IITK, so dont remember much of the interior). The lib here has couches, sofas, carpeted floor, photocopiers which are smart-card enabled, three state of the art computers with a 500KBps leased line connection that is slightly faster than the speed the profs get at IITK, LCD monitors and so on. It is meant for students to look up info while doing projects.

Its a different issue that students mostly use these comps to play pinball.

Then there are the classrooms. All the blackboards have been chucked away and instead there is a screen in the centre and two whiteboards to either side. An LCD projector hangs from the ceiling. At the front corner of the room is a desk (it looks more like a podium). open it up and you see a tablet pc (not a laptop, a tablet pc which costs double!!). The teacher prepares presentations and just presents it in class. Its a tablet PC so he/she can write on the tablet screen and it appears on the screen on the wall. Cool huh? Whew. I just wish I was born a few years later.

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  1. The Masquer Says:

    Nice blog. I like the way you write, its like you are actually telling the reader something.
    And in case you feel like checking my blog out, I would do well to *warn* you in advance, that it sure is a bit ribald. More than a blog, its an undertone of the turmoil that my life’s been (umm well, sounded pathetic, did that?)

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