Well I’m in Muscat now. The journey was okay. The train was late by 30 min (very unusual since it was the Lko Shatabdi). I reached Delhi at 10:30 in the night, had a sound sleep at the guest house and then went to the IGI airport in the morning.

The flight was via Abu Dhabi so we flew over Pakistan and Afghanistan. The pilot kept tilting the plane from one side to another so that we could see the caves in Pakistan and Afghanistan (where the Al-Q supposedly are hiding).

I landed here in Muscat at about 5:30 pm. Dad picked me up, came straight home and now have 2o days more here.

Now going back, I had my end semester exams a week or two back. My exams didn’t go too well. The entire IITK campus sunday went gloomy on the day of the chem exam, because of the incident. I knew him, but not that well.

The exams seem to have gone bad for a lot of people whom I know. In one of my courses (Electrical Engg), the batch averages for the midsems were 85% and 70% but in the endsems apparently it went down to 40-50%.

College is starting on 28th. I expect to reach on the 27th early morning.
Muscat is pretty much the same, a few changes here and there. I’m getting to eat some good food for a change. I will most likely be doing a project on image processing under one prof from my deptt at IITK. The project is basically the equivalent of solving a jigsaw puzzle with some differences, like the pieces may not exactly fit, they can ‘heal’ etc.

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