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November 16, 2005

“Open Elective”… it is (theoretically) supposed to mean that we can choose any course we want, but in my case it means finding a course which doesn’t class/one which would be allowed by the instructor.

I really don’t find any of the science optional courses that interesting (Thermodynamics, Properties of Material and so on). The departmental courses are either clashing or will not be allowed by the DUGC.

Anyway in the end I finally plan to take databases.

I still haven’t started my internship applications for the summer… Its kind of tough to find time with the endsems looming.

Thats it for now.


November 5, 2005

A lot of stuff (as expected) has happened since I last posted. We had a 9 day break for Diwali (with two working days in between). I didn’t do anything constructive during this time (includes acads).

We had our presentations (which were a part of the communicators Skills Course). We had submitted a 30 page report earlier and we now had to make a presentation (so that we could realize what non-sense we had written). Anyhow my group managed to make some sense out of it.

The presentation went reasonably well compared to the other groups (because we did ok in the Q&A session while most of the others were finished off). This was the 4th presentation I have ever given in my life. The other three were at school (where I tried to explain how a cylinder of moment of inertia I rolled down a plane), at the ISRO, Bangalore (where I, along with three others from other IITs made a satellite proposal which I vaguely remember had something to do with selecting optimum locations for industries) and at Bell Labs, Murray Hill (the most recent one, on an anthrax detection system which was much simpler than the name sounds).

Performance wise, the first one was okay. The second was bad, the third was average and this one was average (average in an absolute sense, not relative to the others).

Anyway I guess I’ll have to make a few more presentations as part of courses in my deptt in the next few years so hope to improve on my presentation skills then. Frankly speaking this com skills course has been useful here and there but a lot of stuff was a bit boring to me.

Anyway I guess its good cos I will be taking something from a zero credit course with me even after my stint at IITK rather than taking almost nothing (as will most likely be in the case of chem).

Finally I got some good news from my Mom… my cousins from Brisbane will be coming to Muscat for Christmas this year so finally after about 5 years I’ll get to see them….Priya, Maya, David, Sam.

No internship this winter…need some time to relax….plus have to extract a few treats from schoolmates.

Today I went to this gift shop at the Shopping Centre in the Campus to buy a cup. Now for some reason I feel like I want to own a gift shop someday… cos it seems to be filled with positive emotions. Interestingly enough, 14 years ago, my ambition in life was to become the engine driver of the Bombay Jayanti (which among all the trains I had seen till then, was the one that could make the loudest noise). Anyway that dream has gone for a six I guess.