“How I spent my Birthday”

Hmm the heading is a bit cliched and instantly reminds me of my 7th grade English teacher.

I woke up as usual at 6 am. I got a phone call first from my Dad who is working at a charity hospital in Uttaranchal presently. Then my Mom and sis called from Muscat. After that I got an SMS greeting from my grandma who lives in a village (yeah!!! Talk about the IT revolution in India!!!).

Then I checked my mail, there were about 30 mails, most of them alerting me of a new entry in my Orkut scrapbook. I replied to the mail/scraps and by then it was time for the 8 ‘o clock class. Classes went on for five hours till 1 pm.

I came back, checked my mail to find even more mails. I got about a 100 mails, some directly wishing me, some alerting me of a scrap on orkut. A few people who I thought wouldn’t wish me, wished me and one or two did the reverse.

I got a few gifts in the evening…. wind chimes, a candle, a cover for my mobile and a nice carving. It really feels nice to receive gifts…. ten years ago I actually wished my parents would give me pocket money instead of gifts !! Now the idea seems so {can’t think of a suitable adjective} …. maybe its because I’m (somewhat) financially independent and so knowing that someone cares for you is more important than $$.

I finally had dinner at a Prof’s house. The dinner was nice and thanks to that, I managed to “conveniently” avoid giving any dinner-treats 😀

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