Well its been quite some time since I posted.
A lot has happened (which is one reason why I didn’t get time to post here).

Last weekend there was this career counselling lecture series for which I was the Asst Coordinator and it kept me busy for 4 days continuously. I had to handle the trip of one IAS officer and so was able to talk to him a lot on various career related issues.

I also got to have lunch with some of the speakers, including another IAS officer, a recruiter from ITC and a few professors. So at the end of it all, I have a good idea of what IITians got from their 5 year stint at IITK that helped them do well in life.

For some reason I often get a feeling that the situation at IITK (and from what I know, all the other IITs too) doesn’t really live up to what I had expected when I stepped into IITK.

I mean for example, most people take part in organizing this event, that event , which is a good thing but often they do it primarily to get a certificate rather than to develop some skills (of course there are exceptions).

Mpving on to other topics, I will most likely end up staying at IITK itself during the mid semester recess except for two days when I would go to Bangalore via Delhi (flight). I expect to spend the one night at a five star hotel (yes, this will be my first stay in one) followed by a half day felicitation function at Bell Labs, Bangalore. Coincidentally my father also will be in Bangalore at that time.

2 Responses to “112749553852401003”

  1. Devika Garg Says:

    Oye! landmark treat to mentioned hi nahin hai!!

  2. Cherian Varkey Mathew Says:

    landmark treat was by a company’s
    HR Vice President a month back. He had come for a PPT, not for career counselling. I think I did mention it in an earlier blog though.

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