Whew!!! This Sunday afternoon, a switch (as in hub/router, not as in on-off) burntout and so my entire block didn’t have access to the LAN. Anyway, it was fixed on Monday morning so things are back to normal.

I attended by first HEC meeting this semester. Warden complained about the Hall Electricity bill…about 185 units per person in that month which comes to 6 units a day, so 12 units a room which means on avg 500W power for 24 hours?? How on earth can this be?? A tubelight consumes some 50W and fan another 50-70W, a comp about 200W or so but it still doesn’t add up. Maybe I made a mistake while calculating?

There is this course I’m doing called “Communication Skills”.. I had high hopes from it when it started but whatever is happening now is not exactly what I expected. My other courses are mostly going fine… we have good tutors in two courses and not so good ones in the other two.

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