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September 23, 2005

Well its been quite some time since I posted.
A lot has happened (which is one reason why I didn’t get time to post here).

Last weekend there was this career counselling lecture series for which I was the Asst Coordinator and it kept me busy for 4 days continuously. I had to handle the trip of one IAS officer and so was able to talk to him a lot on various career related issues.

I also got to have lunch with some of the speakers, including another IAS officer, a recruiter from ITC and a few professors. So at the end of it all, I have a good idea of what IITians got from their 5 year stint at IITK that helped them do well in life.

For some reason I often get a feeling that the situation at IITK (and from what I know, all the other IITs too) doesn’t really live up to what I had expected when I stepped into IITK.

I mean for example, most people take part in organizing this event, that event , which is a good thing but often they do it primarily to get a certificate rather than to develop some skills (of course there are exceptions).

Mpving on to other topics, I will most likely end up staying at IITK itself during the mid semester recess except for two days when I would go to Bangalore via Delhi (flight). I expect to spend the one night at a five star hotel (yes, this will be my first stay in one) followed by a half day felicitation function at Bell Labs, Bangalore. Coincidentally my father also will be in Bangalore at that time.


September 9, 2005

I had 5 midsems in the past seven days. Don’t ask how they went!!! I’ll know once I get the marks.

Anyway it got over on Wednesday evening, after which I went to Anaichas (hope I spelt that right) with three friends. Thursday Friday went fine, there wasn’t much to worry about (and I was totally lukkha), but now one by one things are starting to popup, the first thing which popped being Unmaad, my Hostel’s sports festival.

Also, hopefully we would have our departmental freshers in a week or two. Classes are going fine except for electrical… the last 3 lectures were not tested in the midsemester exam and so I didn’t study one word and so whatever she taught today in class underwent “overhead transmission”.


September 1, 2005

Whew!!! This Sunday afternoon, a switch (as in hub/router, not as in on-off) burntout and so my entire block didn’t have access to the LAN. Anyway, it was fixed on Monday morning so things are back to normal.

I attended by first HEC meeting this semester. Warden complained about the Hall Electricity bill…about 185 units per person in that month which comes to 6 units a day, so 12 units a room which means on avg 500W power for 24 hours?? How on earth can this be?? A tubelight consumes some 50W and fan another 50-70W, a comp about 200W or so but it still doesn’t add up. Maybe I made a mistake while calculating?

There is this course I’m doing called “Communication Skills”.. I had high hopes from it when it started but whatever is happening now is not exactly what I expected. My other courses are mostly going fine… we have good tutors in two courses and not so good ones in the other two.