Haven’t blogged for a long time even though a lot has happened.
My excuse : 5 quizzes and a similar number of assignments to break my head over.

We had our third mechanics of solids quiz today. After that the usual classes until 12 when I had to go to the Kanpur Airport to receive a company representative who was coming for a pre placement talk. So I put on my full suit and went to the SPO office, got into the Esteem, sat in the AC for an hour till we reached the airport.

The flight was an hour late but finally it arrived at about 2:45. We were then supposed to go to the Visitors Hostel but he wanted to have lunch at a 5 star hotel and so I took him to Landmark 😀 I had a pizza and some lime juice. Then I dropped him at the VH and it was about 5 pm then… and I reached my COM 200 class in the same formal suit (because of which Dr DS made a comment). After COM, I went back to the VH and took him to L2 for the pre placement talk which I found pretty interesting.

After that I took him to meet the SPO chairman, Dr VT. After that, I took him back to VH, put him in the car and told the driver to take him to the station.

Then I went to the mess (after changing of course!!) and had dinner. Now I’m feeling tired. I’m supposed to go to the SAC at 11pm for another SPO Team meeting. Why do they have to keep these meetings at such deadly timings???

Its a good thing that its a holiday tommorow… now I can rest in peace for three days.

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