Things have finally returned to normal in the past 5 days.

About three months ago an IITK alumnus from the batch of 76 had requested me to put up some pictures of the campus, so I did that on Sunday… the URL is http://www.iitk.ac.in/hall2/iitktour/

Three quizzes so far… two went well, one not so well. Monday was Independence Day… so we had flag hoisting in the morning at 8 am, followed by distribution of cakes (Black Forest!!).

A Group Discussion session was held the other day in Hall 2… it was pretty interesting with a pretty good turnout… I just hope it manages to sustain itself.

I will most likely end up going to Bell Labs at Bangalore for a felicitation party next month… finally found dates when both my co scholar and I were free… September… just after our midsems.

Now Im wondering what to do about my communication skills assignment… which is to take 5 cartoon strips which has to be funny because of a misunderstanding…we have to write 50 words on the misunderstanding…. these days I find it so tough to find cartoons/jokes which make me laugh and now I have to find one which is funny and also involves a misunderstanding? Help!!

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