Well, I have been extremely busy for the past few days. I don’t like being extremely busy since I am unable to spend time talking to friends and also feel a bit strained.

Anyway, it all started less than 48 hours after I reached Kanpur coming from a place which was 8 hours behind Indian Standard time (so I suffered from plenty of jetlag).
The next day I was asked if I could do some coding for partial automation of the placement registration process for this year. I agreed to that and spent most of my time till This Saturday doing that. At the same time, I didn’t miss a single class (barring one maths tutorial, cos of late registration). So that left me with basically no time for anything else.

Then my SG wants me to make a site for the Society of Civil Engineers (SOCE as it is known in IITK circles) and finally to complete the list, I have to maintain the Science and Technology Council.

Anyway presently my Inbox has been flooded by over 100 mails in less than 24 hours, all of them related to the placement registration. Problems range from not being able to open the PDF application file/submitting the form 10 times/wanting to change the form information/people who have done a Diploma instead of 12th …. and a variety of other problems including people who fill in their mail id wront in the mail client and so, when I click reply to author and send a mail, it bounces back and then I have to go and extract the message, replace iik.ac.in with iitk.ac.in and again send it.. and the problem is that I have to reply to each of those 100 mails in a polite tone. Its a good thing that a) I am doing a communication skills course and b)can type reasonably fast.

It feels a bit wierd when an Mtech student mails me addressing me as “Respected Sir” (I have to stifle a grin then). Anyway…so far about 300 people have registered for placement… the SPO is expecting some 700 people to apply for placement…I guess the remaining plan to apply in typical “IIT style”… at 7:59 am tommorow morning.

My CPI dropped by one whole point after my second semester sem so when I came to IITK I had decided to just focus on acads and not do anything and one week later… I have no idea what is happening. I am able to follow everything in class but don’t have time to do the assignments…. and people still say “He is a Lucent Scholar/IITian, he can manage all this”.

Even as I am typing out this, another 10 mails have come into my inbox.. 9 related to placement and one from a friend. Now what will happen is that I willl reply to the 9 emails and leave out the reply to the friends email (since its not a priority, Ill reply later and that later will never come most likely).

Next thing to worry about is the CC. Everyone is asking about the CC printer, now that the CC is open and running fine…and everyone is happy with the timings (6 am to 2 am).

I again have some problem with my eyes… they sometimes become red and then it starts itching and then I have to blink and then I can’t concentrate for some time. So I went to the HC for that and also since there was some rash developing on my feet. The doctor gave me some eyedrops and some tablets…I told my Dad this and apparently he was expecting them to take a blood test or something. Brrrr this sounds serious but I hope it isnt.

Anyway look at the positive things, I finally got back my original sleeping schedule (10 pm to 530 am) which I like the most since I do not feel one bit sleepy in the 8’o clock class (though it’s a total misfit for IITK life)

Ok now its back to my emailing. I feel a bit tired but I must not give up…not giving up is what helped me clear JEE despite the fact that noone who did his 12th outside India had gotten a rank

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  1. Devika Garg Says:

    Hey…this one was a pretty good piece of writing. Hoping to hear more..

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