A week over… a very busy one… For three consecutive days, I had 5 hours of non stop classes in the morning.

The CC is finally open, since all the repairs are over. Ahhhh the Hall CC felt like heaven as I waked into it from the hot and humid corridor. I am a bit tied up these days, doing some PHP programming to partially automate the placement process. Apart from that there are other things to do too… like unpacking…. I still haven’t unpacked my luggage fully.

This semester, I am doing a course on communication skills. So far it has been pretty interesting. The only thing I didn’t like was the role playing, where a group of us would have to act out a scenario like “A Dad promises to be back home at 6 and take his wife and son out but he ends up at 8”. The students have to act out what they thought would happen after the Dad reached his home.
It was interesting to watch but for some reason I find it a bit artificial…and so am not able to think of anything to say in that situation since I’m not really in that situation….. I mean even if I don’t think of anything to say, I know that nothing deadly will happen to me and hence my mind decides to become lazy and not think any further.

But I’m reasonably sure that if something like this happens in real life, I will be able to handle it… or at least I have been able to handle such things….the most recent one being when my Bombay-Delhi flight got cancelled, and I got stuck at Bombay airport… it went pretty ok… I went and met a few of the airport officials and got a seat on board another flight.

Today was the registration… a bit frustrating since I was among the first to submit the form and so it ended up at the bottom of a stack….and just when my form was about to be processed, another stack of forms were put on top and the whole thing was turned upside down. Anyway, in the end I managed to complete my registration.

Now a weekend ahead of me….but still have a lot of things to do tomorrow.
Thats it for now.

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