So I’m leaving day after, that’s Thursday. The packing is half done (to be more precise, done by my Mom). I’m still doing my last minute shopping.

I managed to get all my Kanpur stuff together…room keys, I card, ATM card whose pin I think I forgot, hard disk, chequebook… did I forget anything else? Hope not. If I did, I’ll find out once I reach there but now I know how to handle these situations……..PANIC!!!

I found out my new room….Room 357, F top, Hall 2. Nooooooo, not fair..I’ll have to climb the stairs for another year now. Hmm maybe we should have a lift installed in the hostels šŸ˜€ nah.. thats wishful thinking.
It turns out that the MSc 5 yr students will remain in Hall 2……thus 481 residents will stay in Hall 2…the maximum capacity being 482.

So this will most likely be my last visit to Muscat for a long time…I don’t think I’ll come for vacations for the next year or so…unless maybe during a midsem break or something…thanks to this new airline called Air India Express which offers pretty low fares (less than 50% of what Gulf Air and Oman Air charge).

That’s it for now.

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