Budgerigars. Hope I spelt that right. Thats what I’ve been up to in the past few days….. shortform: budgies…look like tiny parrots double the size of my thumb.

Really tough to catch them once they decide to start flying around my room… and even after I manage to catch them, they really start pecking. As of now theyre perched on top of the door to this room making high pitched noises which easily get thru my supposedly noise proof headphones.

It seems that unlike humans, they can’t see in the dark…my mom had some deadly term for it… yea..”dark adaptation of rod photoreceptors”.

I ended up watching a movie with one of them sitting in my shirt pocket…and he (or was it a she?) kept pecking at me every few minutes.

I went shopping a few days back, got my suit stitched… looks pretty nice.. need to do a lot more shopping but feel lazy…. anyway another 12 days left.. I still haven’t bought my suitcases etc… apparently, flights from US allow 60 kg luggage unlike flights from the Gulf (30 kg) so I’m making full use of that.

One Response to “112090720304945738”

  1. Devika Garg Says:

    your budgies were really cute..do you still have them??

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