Haven’t blogged for about a week.. had a slight problem with my blog… trying to recover old posts and also shifting posts to blogspot.com

I am starting to get bored… have seen most of the films I brought on my hard disk from the IITK LAN. I watched War of the Worlds…. its got a lot of realistic action but I didnt see much of a storyline…….. its just Tom Cruise and his two kids running away from the tripods for one and a half hours for most of the time….. with about twenty minutes of dialogue in between.

Then we went to a friend’s house to watch a movie….. we saw it for like 20 min, got bored…so three guys went to rent a movie (saying “back in 10 minutes” and then they returned an hour later) and the rest of us either fiddled around with the comp/microwaved and ate popcorn…. then it was too late to see the movie so we went to a restaurant and had some food, then went and played two games of pool and then I left… went with family to eat out for dinner and had chopsuey (Man I’m going to miss this once I’m in Kanpur)

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