I just finished watching an animated motion picture…. a very cute movie.. ‘Monsters Inc’ with an enchanting character named Boo. Hmm ok I better stop talking about the movie otherwise someone who hasn’t seen the movie and is reading this will think “this guy has lost his mind….thinks monsters are cute and ‘boo’ is enchanting” 😀

Anyway… I went shopping several times in the past few days, bought some stuff here and there and watched a couple of movies including two Bond movies (the name is Bond…..Ionic Bond…. and that joke was dedicated to my CHM 101). I watched ‘Final Fantasy’ another animated film… graphics were pretty real… and well suited to the sci-fi plot too.

Just another month for college to start… vacations have really flown by this time. Tomorrow I’ll get to go to the beach followed by McDonalds for probably the last get together with friends..since people have started leaving. Ok I’m off to sleep now.

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