Last night I again ended up eating out with parents and a school senior.. again had a sizzler with chopsuey.

I woke up today at 8 am went to the embassy for the second time for the visa, waited there for an hour after which I had my interview which was very short (5 min) and the questions asked were very trivial and not worth mentioning ….anyway they said I could pickup my passport and other documents tommorow… then they phoned in the evening saying that it would be ready only by day after.

Then I spent the afternoon doing my internship work again… I was unable to do any work yesterday since the FTP server was acting cranky. Then in the evening I ended up going out to stitch a suit…took a takeaway on the way back for dinner. Im presently trying to extract a small part of a 200 MB video clip but this P3 is very slow compared to my AMD in Kanpur. I clicked file, open video, double clicked the video file and then started writing this blog entry… and it still hasnt opened. Sigh. Anyway I’m feeling hungry so Im off to find something to eat while the video loads.

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