After a pretty long gap, yesterday there was another party… lunch at Golden Spoon (where I had my usual sizzler along with half plate of triple schezwan) followed by desert at tropicals (where I tried out the avocado shake). Tonight again its back to Mc Donalds. I’ve regained half the weight that I lost at IITK. Hope to regain my former glory before I leave 😀

I was facing a very unique problem in getting my US visa…..by the time I wake up (10:15 am) the consular section of the embassy would close…. anyway I slept at 9:30 pm yesterday, woke up at 630 am, went to the embassy only to be told that I need some letter saying that my mom worked here. So I have to again wake up early day after (since tommorow is a holiday in the US… funny thing… in Muscat the weekend is Thursday-Friday but on those days the embassy remains open)

I submitted all my documents to the Lucent people so hopefully thats the end of the paperwork (and I’ve learnt my lesson : DHL is very expensive). Anyway each of those attending the summit has to take some gift with them. I have no clues as to what to take so if anyone has any ideas pleease tell me.

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