I had a lot of fun yesterday evening at the ice skating rink… lost my balance twice and fell forward on the ice but both were light falls and so I’m in one piece …. but luckily, I didn’t get any sprains or anything. I guess ice skating is pretty nice to do in summer šŸ˜€

I’ve started filling the visa form.. grumble grumble.. all kinds of questions like “have you had any training in chemical/biological warfare?”.

Apart from that, I’m spending a lot of time chatting/emailing. Sleeping routine has gotten totally messed up..now its 1am to 9 am…must shift back soon to the 11 to 6 cycle.

Finally decided the route I should take in July (British Airways, Mct-Abu Dhabi-London-Newark-London-Delhi). Hopefully, the iie.org people will agree on this. Via London would mean travelling with the Lucent scholars from UK…. last year I think one of the two representing UK was an Indian… letsee what happens this time.

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