I got my second semester grades about an hour after the previous post. The grades were one grade below my expectations in all the subjects thanks to the conujunctivitis before the endsems. One day of depression followed but now I feel better after talking to two of my friends.

Today I had probably my longest chat session and got to reflect on a couple of my thoughts about several issues concerning internships and plans after graduating (MBA vs higher studies, MS vs PhD).

Tonight is the first “proper” party… In all the previous parties we split the bill. This one isn’t and its at a nice but slightly expensive Arabian-Indian cuisine restaurant. Its ironic.. at some restaurant.. a dish called “appam” which cost a few rupees per piece in Kerala cost about fourty rupees here and there are lot of people (including a lot of North Indians) who buy them. Its ironic that we take so many things for granted. Anyway……tommorow I would be giving a treat at Pizza Hut to basically whoever is in my batch in Muscat.

I’m really starting to enjoy my online internship now. The internship is basically in a company based in Noida..they have a small market and want to track the visitors visiting their site and also to find out which sites the traffic is coming from, so that they can display their advertisements to get maximum coverage with minimum costs .. the company director looks at the interface, asks me “can this be done?” then i spend some time doing this, then he says “good… can you try to analyse this and make the result come on a seperate page” etc.

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