Something is wrong… this is supposed to be a vacation… which means I should feel bored two weeks into the holidays but that is not happening!!

I got an ADSL (broadband) connection yesterday and its sure is much faster than my earlier dial up.. I end up getting about 45 KBps consistntly. I uploaded some of the pictures that I took at Bangalore at
I’m almost done with the first task of my internship which involved writing scripts to track clickthroughs and making a conversion matrix etc.

I went shopping this morning after breakfast…ended up buying a wireless microphone… I have no clue as to what I’m going to do with it. After shopping I had a ‘Zinger Supreme’ at KFC.

Tonight again I’m going to hang out with friends at the ice skating rink, followed by dinner at McDonalds. My mom and dad are both complaining that I am restricting their access to the comp.

I just went for a hair cut… and I was thinking.. why dont we have combs which have some kind of blades which cut one’s hair while one is combing? That way, one doesn’t have to go all the way to the barber shop and also the hair never grows long… hmm ok that would add ‘comb’ to the list of dangerous items.. incidentally this time when I was at the Cochin Airport, they actually confiscated my sello tape (Scotch tape) saying it was not allowed. Come on!! How in the world can you hijack a plane using Scotch tape??

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