…….. and the partying begins. I hope to meet all my schoolmates who are here at Pizza Hut, Al-Khuwair tonight. Should be fun.. lots of news to catch up on and of course the pizza šŸ˜€

I cancelled one of my internships (the one with BEC) since I expect to have to go back to Delhi to officially get the schol. Now I’m going to start with the online internship with HytechPro. Just got my first project which I have to start working on tomorrow.

The biggest problem with having a comp right next to one’s bed i that you don’t get enough sleep… today I woke up at 6 but instead of going back to sleep I started checking my mail and one thing led to another and I didnt sleep after that.

I had downloaded a large number of the pages from the IITK intranet. Today I spent mostly going through all that… went through about 400 websites and got to know some interesting things about people/departments in IITK. Incidentally this is the reason why I was in the CC during pretty much all my free time in the 1st semester.

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