I checked my mail yesterday after a 2 day break and spent three hours reading and replying to emails.

My flight to Muscat is at 7 am tommorow where I will land and a lot of my schoolmates will be waiting with knives and forks demanding treats…. talking of treats… this is for all those at IITD/IITM/IITK/my schoolmates whom I know… treats are a very small scale affairs… and the (Maurya/Chola/Oman)Sheraton is definitely not the place for treats :p

And this is to the two souls at NIT Trichy who got GPAs of 10.0 and 9.8 and also to the insti topper at NIT Suratkhal.. the three of you MUST throw three distinct, non-simultaneous parties when you come to Muscat and I should be in Muscat when there parties are on.

Hope to upload the pics I took at Banglore and IITM in a day or two, once I find a place to upload. Now its time to go and once again start packing :((

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