Super whew!!!!!

A hectic three days…. had a lot of fun… three days of Pizza Hut parties and a presentation and interview in between.

All the three groups made the presentation in typical IIT style…. We were supposed to present it at 11 am and the presentation was finished at 10:50 am…. that too thanks to a nighout at Sify… all twelve of us sitting in the cafe hunting for info on satellites and ideas and pictures of both these. The ideas came from different sources, one of them strongly resembling a concept from ‘Die Another Day’

Whew! We were constantly worried since we hadnt started…. but then we found out that everyone else was also in the same situation.

We were shown around the ISRO Satellite centre… we were taken to the Vibration lab, this lab, that lab, a space exhibition… Some of the others found out that I was carrying grub in my pockets and ended up hogging whatever I had. We got to see a satellite from the INSAT 4 series to be launched in August ’05…. was pretty interesting.

The whole stay was quite nice… the only thing I didnt like was the security (cameras, mobiles and even calculators and floppies weren’t allowed in the labs). But we all got a whole lot of ideas 90% of which were crazy… like the girl from NIT Trichy (the one who stole my pizza) suggested that we clear space debris by launching bhelpuris at 25,000 kmph.

The mess at the ISAC guesthouse was jinxed….. I would always be among the first to order but somehow or the other, the others ended up getting the food first.. and the menu is fixed for all. Life is NOT AT ALL fair. And the rest of them were nicely grinning at me and eating their food while I waited. To top it all off, yesterday morning, I went real early, ordered and signed for the bill, waited for sometime, then went to wash my hands. When I came back, the Madam who had stolen my pizza two days back was sitting my place eating MY breakfast. I had to order again and had to contend with watching her eat MY break fast… and on top of that she says “Stop staring at MY food”. Come on!!! That was my breakfast! I ordered it! Nooo its not fair. And the others didnt do anything… they just kept smiling watching the show. Soooo mean!!!

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