So far two of the girls and four of the guys have arrived.

The two girls and one of the guys are total clowns (like me). One of the girls stole my pizza and a slice of my garlic bread during lunch today! Life is soooo unfair. The others should be here by 8 pm tonight.

I spent the morning watching Cartoon Network in my room but then I thought “ok if I go back and tell people ‘I went to the Indian Space Research Organization and watched Cartoons'” … well…. it wouldn’t sound too impressive 😉 so I stopped watching that and went around the place

We have been divided into three groups to make presentation on proposals related to satellites. So far all of us have had loads of fun fooling around. I met a guy, Kasturi Rangan from NITT who apparently studied in my school in Muscat till 8th.

I want to meet a couple of people at Bangalore (a few classmates from school and an ex-IITK student who is at IIM B’lore) but it seems unlikely now 😦

Ok time for me to get back to thinking about a satellite proposal.

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