The past few days saw a lot of water fights, a really bad dust storm, thanks to which the floor in my room and the table is covered with dust. I don?t feel like cleaning up since anyway everything will become dusty when I leave it for 3 months 😀

I ended up watching a couple of movies in the past few days … starting with a DVD of the 2005 release ‘Tom and Jerry blast off to Mars’ and ending with “Sweet November” just before the Electronics endsem. Sweet November was a sweet movie (pun NOT intended) and put me in a nice mood for the exam.

The exam was pretty ok though not much of what I studied came… Of course I didn?t study much but that?s a different issue. Yesterday I didn’t feel like studying so I started packing some stuff after buying yet another trunk which I could fit into and started dumping stuff in.

Anyway… I better go for dinner and then study for my Math exam tomorrow morning.

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