Two more days for the Phy exam. I (properly) started studying Phy yesterday evening (found out from my wingmates which topics are contained by which pages). Had a water fight in between 😀 Usually, as the exams draw near, many of my wingmates tend to go slightly crazy and it takes only a tiny spark to start a fire (another way of putting it is .. it takes only a small drop of water to cause a full fledged water fight). The past few weeks saw one water fight with the wing below us and another with the wing next to theirs (that however was inspired by the Musical Extravaganza).

Today morning there was another HEC meeting which lasted for about forty minutes. One thing which I really like about the HEC meetings is the free cup of tea 😉 heh he 😀

There are two ways I use to study Math… one is to try and understand the theory and then do the problems… this method goes very fast but I need to be in the “mood” which…um… well… you get the idea. The other method is to directly look at solved examples and understand the theory part from there. This takes longer but doesn’t require me to be in a “mood”. Today I did a bit of Maths using the second method.

Yesterday, I got invited to the Techkriti Dinner at the SAC. The catered food was pretty good. Talked to someone regarding the methods students use to download movies from outside the LAN and learnt some very *interesting* facts.

Today I started playing anagrams on the second DC++ hub. Scored pretty quickly until I suddenly realized I was getting addicted and stopped 😦 Anyway…. its time to get back to studying… or at least pretending to study 😉

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