The past two days saw the last lectures of all the four courses. Attendance was surprisingly high (compared to last semester, this time).

This evening, I *finally* started my preparation for Phy. What did I do? I photocopied all the assignment papers which I lost. Now all I have to do is solve them. Easier said than done. After the photocopying, I didn’t feel like studying and a button came of my shirt so I tried to stitch it back. Took 5 minutes to find the needle and thread, another 5 minutes to persuade the thread to go inside the needle’s eye and another twenty minutes to stitch on the button but in the end I felt like I’d climbed Mount Everest 😀

I’ve temporarily given up on revising for Physics. ‘Tronics I don’t think I will revise till the day before the exam. TA I am reasonably confident, the only problem being I have hardly seen the TA French book this semester. So that leaves only Maths to study.

I had my last TA lab yesterday. Made a rocket. Nothing great but still I’ll get to tell my friends at school that I made a 3 Dimensional rocket. Today, I heard about an incident involving a duck which happened during a recent seminar at IITK which literally had me dying with laughter!.

Anyway…another eleven days for me to leave Kanpur. Packing is going to be a big disaster this semester thanks to a lot of extra stuff I brought/bought during the sem.

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